We believe that we must add significant value to justify our fees. We add value by our team, experience and global network, and all this value realizes by our disciplined and proprietary investment process.

Thanks to our continuous filtering activity and extensive international network in the alternative investment space our team we have built up an extensive and global portfolio of selected and tested alternative funds. We have not only analyzed factors to identify attractive investable themes, but we also thrived to find the best managers and most secure solutions to exploit the given opportunities.

We deploy a word-class due diligence procedure on target assets and managers; this procedure is a cornerstone of our risk management. It includes the deep analyses of risk structure, review of all legal and operational processes, screening of personnel and checking all aspects of the business potentially influencing risk-return profile. This thorough due diligence procedure contributes greatly to the safety of our investments.

After identifying the right managers for our goals, the investment process does not end there. Dynamic asset allocation is applied involving the analysis of the macro environment and underlying markets. Portfolio allocation is further supported by ongoing risk management and monitoring processes by dedicated persons in our team. Dynamic management and strong risk control assure that return and risk levels are always kept within planed boundaries.