We aim to deliver our clients investment solutions that performs moderate-to-high absolute returns and demonstrate low volatility, low correlation to major financial markets.

We believe that it is possible to find outstanding investment premiums around niche markets, niche assets, niche acivities or new ideas, where competition tends to be limited by access, size, expertise or other factors. Therefore we invest in a diverse range of specialized assets, generally represented by alternative funds pursuing special strategies. We prefer investments that are out of the view of most asset managers and not or weakly correlated to the traditional capital markets.

Our approach to investing is mostly based on our global access to alternative and forward looking themes derived from the analysis of macroeconomic, market and other factors. We often employ opportunistic investments, as they can deliver return opportunities in all market environment and can be the best in enhancing the risk/return profile of our products.

We focus on emerging and medium-sized themes and managers as we believe: size is a key differentiating factor in our business. We are confident that we can add value by identifying smaller and more nimble funds and portfolios that are overlooked by larger asset managers.